The Integrated Printed Packaging Solution

The Product range from ID Packaging LTD - Your ready-reference guide for Short-Run Custom Printed Packaging

You have an IDENTITY - why not use it to promote your product and your Company! We can print your BRAND name on cartons, boxes, labels, tapes, carry bags, wrapping and luxury tissue paper - the list is endless!

ID Packaging Ltd has introduced innovative ways to promote your business name and logo on your packaging and now we can provide short-run quantities at low cost! Here are some of the products that you can use to promote your business at minimal cost.

Low cost printed standard and custom made cases,boxes and cartons

Minimum order is only 100 cases and this can include up to 3 different sizes!

Why not include your business name on your cartons?

ID Packaging Ltd can print your business name and logo in up to two colours on a large range of ID Carton stock cartons, or custom made in a wide range of ID Custom Boxes.

Low cost plates/stereos

Plate costs are low and the big advantage of our process means only one plate is required for all your carton sizes! It could not be easier!

Low cost short run cartons and cases with fast turn around from our in-house press.

Just ask for a quote

Short run labels from our in-house bureau

ID Packaging can also provide all of your label requirements both rolls and sheets and in full colour. A complete range of shapes and sizes is available in both sheets and rolls. For rolls, over 16 standard print colours or multiples are available and a huge range or print options for sheets - refer ID Labels.

We can also supply a complete range of specialist labels for any purpose in small quantities - if you only need one roll or a few sheets - no problems! Click here for a quote

Get your business on tape for even more exposure!

ID Packaging are specialists in packaging tapes - printed with your business name or Logo. We can arrange to print as little as one box of packaging tape.

  • A range of 9 sizes from 12mm to 192mm
  • Available in 6 base colours.
  • Can be printed in 3 standard colours (in addition to the base colour)
  • Delivery in only 4 weeks!

See ID Tapes for more details or a quote.

Let your packaging do the walking with custom carry bags

ID Packaging can supply branded paper bags to give your retail or wholesale business even more exposure. Your customers can help promote your brand name with our range of economical carry bags from ID Bags. These can be custom printed with your brand name and logo For even smaller run sizes they can be labeled for even more versatility! See ID Label.

Help the environment too!

Available in 3 sizes and 3 colours with various handle options to suit your business and they are manufactured from environmentally friendly Kraft paper.

Are your products wrapped in your business?

Your luxury product needs protection - imagine your product wrapped in luxury tissue and wrapping paper with your name and logo. It is not a dream! We can manufacture short run custom printed tissue and wrapping paper too! SeeID Wrap for more details

Need help with the design of your packaging?

Need help with your branding or logo?. We have a design team available to guide you through this simple process. Contact us for more information.